Moving Through Life with Grace

Too often, we get so caught up with what other people think and feel about our lives. Have you stopped to ask yourself why you do that? Is it because we see other people as better than us or more powerful than we are? We get so caught up in social media and what we think a person’s life is like that we discount our own experiences. We can happen to life or allow life to happen to us; it’s our choice.

Alignment is a powerful word, it means the correct positioning of something, and I’ll add, of someone. Where do you feel you are currently in your life? Are you where you want to be? Have you achieved all the goals you thought you should? If not, what is holding you back? And the only answer to that is yourself. I used to think once I turned 50, I would have settled on what I wanted to do in life, but low and behold, the universe had another plan for me, and that’s when Hummingbird Haven came into existence.

There came a time when I had to ask myself, what are my qualities and are they being utilized? The answer for me was no. My work did not use my qualities: giving, integrity, truthfulness, openness, wholeness, love, and peace. I had to come to a place of not allowing others to deter me from my truth and goals. I had to put on my armor and go to war on behalf of others. I had to learn to accept myself. That included my hair, my look, my shape. I also had to begin a healthier journey, which meant working out regularly to improve my heart and lung capacity for the road ahead. It also meant meditating regularly so that I could sustain my vibration from the inside out. Going to war on another person’s behalf, whether it’s family, friends, or clients, can become draining if you’re not in a good place mentally and physically.

Here are some steps that I take to prepare myself for the day mentally:

  • I wake up and process my mental state or a dream that I may have had the night before. (Dreams can be a form of therapy when you go deeper into the meaning of them)
  • I work out. I may not do this every day, but I make it a point to do it as often as possible. There’s a different type of energy that working out brings, and I enjoy feeling that energy.
  • I wash up and dress up, even though I work from home. I believe that when you look and smell good, you feel good, and it makes a difference in how you approach the day.
  • I meditate, which allows me to raise my vibration and provides me with grounding, peace, and a feeling of centeredness so that I don’t feel scatterbrained and more focused.
  • Then I have my coffee, outside or in my private space while I read or watch something encouraging.
  • Then my day begins, and if something distracting comes in throughout the day, I stop to breathe. Inhale, “I am breathing,” exhale, “I am experiencing the moment of every breath, and all is well.”

After making this my practice, I have discovered that I am most proud of myself for confronting my fears, anxieties, and thoughts of others. I am better equipped and able to move forward in a way that has been more productive at work and in the growth of my business.

I Am a Warrior Who Has Been Called to Serve, and I will allow nothing and no one to stand in the way of that.

‘Selah’ (Think on these things)