Mark & Susan’s Story:

Before working with Hummingbird Haven, Mark, a veteran struggling with PTSD, often woke from nightmares and heart pounding while his wife, Susan, lay awake beside him, consumed by the feelings of frustation and helplessness that accompanies Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder (STSD). Both were caught in sleepless nights and strained days, yearning for relief. This is a typical day in life for many veterans. 

Despite their love and dedication, PTSD and STSD started to carve a gap between Mark and Susan. Their laughter became scarce; their conversations felt like navigating a minefield. The couple, once each other’s pillar of strength, was silently crumbling under their respective burdens. 

Mark stumbled upon Hummingbird Haven and reached out to learn more about our organization’s commitment to helping veterans. He inquired about our programs, resources, and realized our community truly understood his struggles. 

The path to healing was challenging. The conversations opened old wounds, emotional roller coasters, and the challenges pushed Mark and Susan to their limits. But they weren’t alone. They had a community of support at Hummingbird Haven cheering them on and guiding them through each step.

Over time, the relentless nightmares became less frequent. Mark started sleeping better and found strategies to manage his triggers effectively. Meanwhile, Susan learned how to cope with her STSD, discovering methods to support Mark without losing herself. Their conversations became easier as they started finding their way back to each other – rediscovering laughter, connection, and hope.

Mark and Susan’s story isn’t unique. Countless veterans and their loved ones are grappling with PTSD and STSD, waiting for a helping hand. It’s time to step forward and support Hummingbird Haven, enabling us to reach more needy individuals and bring about transformative change. 

The Hummingbird Haven team is proud to have helped guide this family to achieving their goal of reconnecting.

We Value Partnering

At Hummingbird Haven, we support veterans battling PTSD and their loved ones impacted by STSD. We rely on the generous backing of grant-giving organizations and individual contributors  to fund our scientifically-backed programs and resources. 

Partner with us to create a positive impact and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have served and sacrificed for our nation.


Invest in a Worthy Cause

Your contribution can help us write another success story.

The gift of grants have helped transform lives by supporting our mission to aid veterans with PTSD and their family members with STSD. We value our grant partners and work closely with them to maximize the impact of their contribution.

Become a Partner: Join our mission and help us bring healing and support to more individuals and families in need. Partnering with us helps raise awareness about PTSD and STSD, allowing for broader societal change. And, you can make one-time or recurring donations to support our efforts.

Enhance Community: Support us in creating a nurturing community for those managing PTSD and STSD. Your grant aids in developing and implementing programs that facilitate recovery and resilience.

Proven Impact: Our programs have a track record of success, backed by evidence-based methodologies. Your generous funding goes directly into our programs, maximizing its effect. 

Accountability: We believe in responsibility and provide regular reports on how funds are utilized; and we have a successful track record of using grants to drive tangible change.

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Podcasts and Media Appearances

Take some time to listen to these powerful, insightful, and honest interviews.  Share with others.

Celeste The Therapist PodCast with Dedoceo Habi

Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Dedoceo Habi served honorably in the Untied States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force. He is daring in his authentic and honest candor about the impact and affects of PTSD in his life. Mr. Habi struggled with tragic relationships, homelessness, and repeated layoffs for over thirty years before finally seeking help to understand what was going on in his life. After years of mental health support via therapy coupled with his genuine desire to embrace his truth, he has overcome myriad challenges and self defeating ideations that wreaked havoc in his life.His advise to anyone exposed to traumatic experiences: “You have the strength within you to overcome that which seeks to defeat you”.


Interview of Dedoceo Habi by the Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce

Enjoy this candid, thoughtful, and emotionally intelligent conversation, hosted by Viviana Vargas as they enjoy a deep conversation about the goals and vision of Hummingbird Haven, it’s origin and where we want the company to grow.

Learn about the organization and what it’s doing to strengthen our local community.

Interview with Dedoceo Habi on talking PTSD

by Wanda Sabir, Arts and Culture Editor, Bayview Black Newspaper

Wanda Sabir: Good morning and welcome to Wanda’s Picks, a Black arts and cultural program of the African Sisters Media Network. When I wake up in the morning, I usually try to capture my dreams and write. So today, this poem came to me. Just reflecting on Memorial Day weekend, reflecting on people who made the ultimate sacrifice – gave their lives for our country – and also reflecting on Mental Health Awareness Month, which concludes on Memorial Day.

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We were excited to recieve our first grant from our local Walmart via the Walmart Foundation.  With great joy we accepted our donation and enjoyed the company of other awardees.

The greatest joy came from engaging the US Marines who were present, representing Toys For Tots.  We were reminded of why we started Hummingbird Haven, and our obligation to the community as we looked around and saw so many caring, dedicated, professional, and driven members of the community.

Without question, we were in great company.

Being a member of the local Chamber of Commerce can help in many ways… it also provides the Hummungbird Haven team the opportunity to meet with many current and future business leaders who may help us reach our goals.

We want to acknowledge the time and effort Kimberly Habi, the Hummingbird Haven CEO, takes in her new duties as a new Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce Ambassador.

Look out for her in the community… she’s always happy to meet you.