Your Contribution Can Light Up the Path from Trauma to Triumph

Every donation to Hummingbird Haven isn’t just a gift; it’s a lifeline. For a veteran haunted by PTSD or a loved one grappling with STSD, your generosity can mean the difference between despair and hope, isolation and community, surviving and thriving. 

Your contribution can make a meaningful change in the lives of Veterans: 

  • Direct Impact: Your donations fund essential services, helping veterans and their loved ones shift from surviving trauma to reclaiming control and transforming lives.
  • Build A Refuge: Help us acquire a brick-and-mortar space to serve our community better and provide comprehensive, accessible recovery services in a welcoming and nurturing environment.
  • Enrich Our Team: Fund the hiring of therapists and counselors and the expansion of our collaborative team, allowing us to reach and help more veterans who need a strong support network. 

The journey from trauma to triumph is long and challenging, but your generosity can make a meaningful change, reigniting resilience and new beginnings for veterans and their families. 

Your support helps create a sanctuary for healing, growth, and hope.

Join us in transforming lives.