You Served, And We Appreciate You.

From Darkness to Light: Combat PTSD & STSD with Hummingbird Haven

Unlock Free Services Designed to Guide Veterans and Their Loved Ones on a Journey Toward Healing

In the fierce battlegrounds of PTSD and STSD, the enemy isn’t on the outside, but within. It steals your peace, leaving in its wake a relentless storm of anxiety, nightmares, and emotional pain. 

We serve as a beacon of hope for veterans wrestling with PTSD and their loved ones affected by STSD. Our mission is to help you regain control, break the stigma, and write a hopeful chapter of life beyond trauma.

Message To Our Veterans

To our valued Veterans, your mind doesn’t have to be a battlefield of negative thoughts and emotions. 

  • Are you burdened by hypervigilance, unable to relax because you’re always on high alert? Consider a life where you regain the capacity to feel at peace, within yourself and in your surroundings. 
  • Perhaps you become a stranger to restful sleep, haunted by nightmares and restlessness. You don’t have to be trapped in a cycle of reliving traumatic experiences. Imagine regaining control over your memories, transforming them from tormentors into markers of your strength. 
  • Do you avoid places, people, or activities that remind you of your trauma? Picture a life of reconnection, where you can engage with your surroundings without fear. 
  • Your loved ones don’t need to be helpless bystanders wrestling with Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder (STSD). They can learn to navigate your journey with PTSD, becoming your strongest allies while caring for their mental well-being too. 
  • Work does not have to be an impossible challenge disrupted by PTSD symptoms. You deserve a career where you can utilize and contribute your valuable skills, free from the influence of PTSD. 

At Hummingbird Haven, founded by a couple who have experienced the impact of PTSD and STSD first hand, we are more than just a sanctuary; we are a testament to resilience, the spirit of survival, and the possibility of a fulfilling life post-trauma.

Our aim is to turn these imagined possibilities into reality for you and your family too. We are here to guide you through managing and overcoming the challenges of PTSD and STSD.

Rediscover hope and the joy of living with these proven healing methods: 

  • Break Free with Personalized Therapy: Journey through healing with therapy tailored to your unique needs, transforming traumatic memories into pillars of strength.
  • Healing Circles in Your Safe Haven: Connect with fellow survivors, sharing, understanding, and rising above the pain together.
  • Guided Transition with Life Coaching: Navigating civilian life post-trauma can feel overwhelming. We’re here to guide you, helping you reshape your world beyond PTSD.
  • Holistic Approaches for Inner Peace: Discover tranquility amidst turmoil with calming practices like yoga and meditation, cultivating inner stability.
  • Wraparound Services for Wholeness: From job training to transitional housing, we’re here to help rebuild every aspect of your life, not just manage your symptoms.

Embrace the chance to manage PTSD, not let it manage you. You are not alone, and PTSD is not a life sentence. With the proper support, you can redefine your journey.

Message to Our Community

We’ve got an App for Veterans that could use your support

Because we understand how important it is to get access to information and care we have developed a WebApp designed to connect Veterans to local service providers in the Antelop Valley.  Presently, we are in Beta test mode, and looking for organizations to help test its effectiveness.  Veterans can also help by joining for free, and going through the process of identifying a need.  While the App isn’t officially launched, it does provide a sesne of what to expect.

We can make things better for those who served together.

Please take a moment and visit The Antelope Valley Veterans Network WebApp.  If you are interested in becoming a Beta tester, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll provide the first year free of charge.

Your support helps us further develop the App while also adding Veteran serving organizations.

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