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We care about Veterans

Since 2019, as many as 500,000 US Troops who served in wars over the past 13 years have been diagnosed with PTSD and all have required some form of treatment. Over 90 percent of the American population demonstrates codependent behavior as a result of their veteran suffering from PTSD and as a result suffers from STSD a.k.a. Secondary/Vicarious Trauma. Group and one-on-one coaching provides codependent individuals with a safe and appropriate space to express their feelings, learn communication and problem-solving skills and discuss their experiences with others who understand.


This is part of what motivates our care for Veterans and their loved ones suffering with PTSD and STSD in Antelope Valley (The AV).  We live and work in this community, and we want to continue to make the AV inviting and supportive for all Veterans and their families.

Our Vision

To empower Veterans and families with the ability to maneuver through any situation.

Our Mission

To create a community of support through learning and sharing with one another.  This is done by providing access to wraparound services, group and one-on-one therapy, life coaching, and a holistic approach to healing through yoga and meditation.

Meet The Founders

Hummingbird Haven, Inc. is the brainchild of founder Kimberly Habi.  Together, with her husband, the idea of one-stop services dedicated to supporting the livelihood of Veterans and their loved ones grew as they learn to manage a life with PTSD.

“We got here because we really do care about Veterans.  Our life experiences are rooted in service to others so it made perfect sense when we teamed up to bring Hummingbird Haven to life.  Now, as we continue to build the organization, we look forward to supporting our Veterans and their loved ones in ways that lead them to greater happiness and a strong sense of their ability to overcome challenges they may face.”

— Kimberly Habi

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Kimberly Habi

Founder & CEO

Kimberly Habi is a Philadelphia, PA native. She relocated to the Los Angeles area in 2014 with her husband, Dedoceo Habi. Her passion for Veterans and their families resulted from her marriage to Dedoceo, a Marine Veteran. She has a background in Administration, Event Planning, and Social Services.

Kimberly is an Ambassador at the Antelope Valley Chamber of Commerce. She has worked in the non-profit sector for over two decades in many different capacities. She has an extensive background in Case Management. Her many roles in the non-profit sector have provided her with the knowledge of building impactful and life-changing relationships. Over the years, she has contracted with other non-profit organizations to assist with building their foundation and identifying lasting strategic partnerships.

Her husband is a Marine Veteran who has PTSD, and together they learned to manage it; this has been the impetus for bringing Hummingbird Haven to life. She has come to have a true passion for the work of helping veterans and their families. Her understanding of compassionate and thoughtful love, emotional empathy, and belief in the possible drives her ability to support others.

Many people don’t have a proper understanding of PTSD and STSD. Kimberly understands the importance of healing, not just for the Veteran but also for the entire family. She believes that with knowledge, everyone possesses the power to heal and live a life free from negative energy and negative thoughts when given the right tools.

Dedoceo Habi

Co-founder & Interim Board Chair

Dedoceo Habi hails from the quaint city of Savannah, Ga where he spent many years serving community through his church affiliation. During those critical forming years, he learned to appreciate the value of serving others as well as the power of communal collaboration.

In addition to community service, he also served honorably in the United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force. It was during his time in service that he was exposed to an event that would ultimately lead to his developing PTSD.

After years of personal work and the support of the Veterans Administration and his loving family, he developed the tools to effectively manage PTSD in his life. During his quest to understand what was happening to him, he discovered he had a knack for speaking out about PTSD, the benefits of seeking help, and doing the personal work to create a better life. This is what motivates him to move forward.

With a background in technology, a passion for media, and degrees in Film and Entertainment Business, his purpose is to leverage messaging to help build a strong brand while also providing support to the goals and activities of Hummingbird Haven.

Board of Directors (Listed Alphabetically)

Because of the nature of our work, and our desire to help Veterans, the Hummingbird Haven leadership decided the best thing we could do was to surround ourselves with like-minded people, wanting to support Veterans.  That said, we intentionally invited professionals with diverse backgrounds to help guide our development. We feel fortunte to have come across so many caring and dedicated professionals, and things will continue to grow as we work toward providing services to our valued Veterans.

Kyle Horton

Kyle Horton, Board Secretary & Communications – Holds a BA degree in Business Administration & Finance from Fresno University and Life Pacific University. Kyle brings a young and refreshing perspective to Hummingbird Haven, Inc. and has worked with business leaders to develop long-term sales goals, qualified leads from marketing campaigns, and has worked closely with senior management to support operational strategies. More about Kyle…


Quincy S. Kinsey, Board Director – Holds a Masters degree and a Bachelor’s degree. He operates a human resources consultancy company specializing in providing diagnostic review services in the talent acquisition space for organizations. Quincy’s skills in strategic planning, staffing, fundraising, and community networking will be a great asset to Hummingbird Haven, and will assist in leading the way for development and growth. More about Quincy…

Pat Malone

Patricia Malone, Board Director – Holds a BA in Communications and an MBA with a concentration in marketing from Oakland University, Rochester, MI. She is actively involved in the American Marketing Association and has served on the AMA’s Professional Chapters Council and as President of the AMA Detroit Chapter. Her focus areas are strategic planning, marketing, and organizational development. More about Patricia…


John T. Shannon, Board Director – A licensed CPA, John brings to Hummingbird Haven over a decade of experience with budget, finance, and accounting services. John started his career as a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and has since served in various assurance roles directly supporting the chairs of audit committees. Additional, his background in real estate is well suited to supportour future growth. More about John…

Pam Trotter

Pamela Trotter, Board Treasurer & Bookkeeping – Holds a B.A. in Administration and Finance from Lindenwood College, St Charles, MO. Ms. Trotter has worked in Human Resources, Finance & Development for the past 25 years with various non-profit, private & entertainment organizations. She brings to the table of Hummingbird Haven her skills in financial management, staffing, and event planning. More about Pamela…

Advisory Board (Listed Alphabetically)

Gale Ferguson

W. Gale Ferguson, Advisor –  is a graduate of Duke University (BS, Cultural Anthropology), Emory University (Atlanta), BSN, and Loyola University (New Orleans) MSN. Wanda has been in healthcare and nursing for 40 years and a nurse leader for 22 years. She leads an interdisciplinary team of healthcare and social service professionals, a host of community partners, graduate students, and volunteers. More about Gale…

Lisa Jiggetts, Advisor – Lisa holds a variety of technical and management certifications as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Maryland University College and an MBA. s the founder and CEO of the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC), one of the fastest growing nonprofits dedicated to women in cybersecurity. More about Lisa…

WM King

Dr. W. Michael King, Advisor – Dr. King is a Board Certified Coach (BCC), the credential issued by the Center For Credentialing & Education, affiliate of the National Board of Certified Counselors, and a Professional Affiliate of the Society of Consulting Psychology, Division of the American Psychological Association.  His methods enhance objectivity using reason and focus, optimizing efficiency. More about Dr. King…

Ray Sales

Raymond Sales, Sr., JD, LLM, Advisor – With a 25-year career as a nationally-recognized public finance lawyer, first in Chicago (Partner, Chapman & Cutler), next in Atlanta (Partner, Powell, Goldstein, Frazier & Murphy) and thereafter as founder and Managing Partner of Sales, Goodloe & Golden, Mr. Sales brings a wealth of information and support to the Hummingbird Haven team. More about Raymond…


We are happy to have been awarded a grant from the Walmart Foundation via our local store.  This is our first “official” corporate support and we are putting putting the funds to great use.  We want to thank the Wal-Mart establishment for seeing the value Hummingbird Haven offices, and for its sponsorship.

Wal-Mart Logo

Hummingbird Haven is now part of the new Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce and we are happy to connect with so many professionals seeking to help build a stong community.  Additionally, we want to acknowledge that CEO Kimbery Habi also acts as a Chamber Ambassador to the business community.

Chamber logo

Hummingbird Haven has commissioned the development and implementation of our upcoming WebApp that will be used to help Veterans find the help they need in less than 3 minutes while also helping Veteran-serving Organizations better connect with one another.  We continue to do our part to help make the community stronger.  Use this link to check out the WebApp and bookmark the web page.

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